The InOrg way: Build, Operate, and Transfer.


Deep expertise across a variety of industries combined with our innovative approach to the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model ensures transformational results.

A Dynamic B.O.T Solution

Our BOT model is meticulously designed with a ‘transfer-ready’ approach, ensuring that when the time comes for your organization to take over, the transition of operations is smooth and efficient. This strategic preparation guarantees minimal disruption, allowing for a seamless shift of control tailored to align with your organization’s timing and needs.


The BOT model that InOrg has developed has unique advantages compared to the traditional BOT model. The model keeps the talent, culture, and brand experience of your enterprise at the center of our approach, ensuring the focus is always on what works best for your organization.

Our focus on delivering a complete, ready-to-go team means you won’t be spending additional time and resources on training, onboarding, and assimilation. Our strategy means you have resources available to help grow your business from day one.

The suit of end-to-end products includes: sourcing and hiring the world’s best talent; flexible, tailored workspaces with integrated IT; and providing compliance, governance, and operational support.

We apply a proven three-phase implementation approach that establishes and supports a high-functioning Global Capability Center (GCC).

Here's How It Works.


Structuring Entity

InOrg ensures that a separate and distinct legal entity is established exclusively for the BOT team, providing a clear and unambiguous operational structure. This legal entity forms a robust foundation for all BOT operations, creating a secure and seamless framework for efficient execution.


InOrg GCC Model

InOrg utilizes its comprehensive GCC Model to closely collaborate with the client in planning and implementing the BOT model, akin to a client-owned GCC. This approach ensures that the process is executed with utmost consistency and optimal effectiveness.


Working Together

Throughout the period of a contract, InOrg maintains close collaboration with a client. Our goal is smooth incorporation of your culture, policy, and procedures into a unified approach towards well-defined, shared goals.



InOrg guarantees a seamless transfer of ownership of the legal entity to the client upon contract conclusion, aiming to facilitate a smooth transition. The transfer is cost-effective, as it occurs at no additional expense, ensuring that employees and assets are automatically transferred with minimal risk, resulting in an effortless takeover for the client.