Fiber Optic Cable Provider – North America

A leading fiber optic cable provider in North America was experiencing significant challenges in meeting the growing demands of its customers and staying competitive in the market. The company’s legacy IT infrastructure and processes were hindering its ability to deliver seamless customer experiences, gather valuable insights, and scale its operations efficiently.


The Fiber Optic Cable Provider faced significant hurdles in scaling its IT team to keep pace with the rapidly growing business demands. The company struggled with the high costs associated with hiring and retaining local IT talent, which put a strain on their budget.

Additionally, they found it challenging to access a diverse pool of skilled professionals with the expertise they required. Regional time zone differences hindered collaboration and slowed down development cycles, causing project delays. Cultural and communication barriers also led to misunderstandings and further project setbacks.

Moreover, the company had concerns about data security and intellectual property protection when considering global expansion options.


To address these challenges, the company partnered with InOrg, who established a dedicated development center with over 50 resources, including developers, QA engineers, and project managers. InOrg implemented a rigorous hiring process to ensure the right skills and cultural fit for the company’s requirements.

They also provided comprehensive training to the offshore team on the company’s processes, tools, and domain knowledge, ensuring a smooth transition. Secure communication channels and collaboration tools were set up to facilitate seamless interaction between the US and offshore teams.

InOrg assigned a local project manager to act as a bridge between the offshore team and the US stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and coordination. Clear data security protocols and intellectual property protection measures were established to safeguard sensitive information. Finally, InOrg implemented agile development methodologies to ensure efficient project delivery and accommodate time zone differences.


By partnering with InOrg, the company received a fully-functional offshore team that was already trained and onboarded with their processes, objectives, and culture. This allowed them to increase their IT team capacity by 40% within just 6 months, enabling faster time-to-market for new products and features. The company also reduced its IT labor costs by 30% compared to hiring locally, allowing them to reinvest the savings into strategic initiatives. The new team brought a diverse pool of skilled professionals, introducing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the company’s projects.

The round-the-clock development and efficient collaboration improved project delivery speed by 25%. The partnership enhanced communication and cultural understanding between the US and global teams, leading to smoother project execution. Throughout the engagement, the offshore provider maintained strict data security and intellectual property protection, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and client requirements.

The partnership demonstrated the transformative power of leveraging global talent and modern technologies to conquer complex IT challenges. By collaborating with a trusted global solutions provider, the company was able to successfully modernize its infrastructure, enhancing customer experience, and devote resources to forward-looking work that unlocked valuable insights.

This successful engagement highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, enabling companies to stay agile, competitive, and responsive to the ever-changing needs of their customers.